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A Journey of a Life Time

Everyone has different approaches and priorities when it comes to traveling. The members of KluaneBigKatch can provide various outdoor needs such as hiking, fishing, and hunting, or try some of our activities closer to home. Whether you’re planning an upcoming trip for a short duration or wish to stay longer, we make the process easy and enjoyable. Call us today and start your next adventure!

Special Packages and Deals

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Dusk to Dawn Guided Fishing

Are you ready to experience a moment of a lifetime? Get in touch with KluaneBigKatch to learn about our Dusk to Dawn Guided Fishing. We're excited to set you off on one of the best trips of your life, prepare to create some unforgettable memories.

Kluane Lake Tours

There's no shortage of places to be explored, the Kluane Region is home to the biggest freshwater lake in the Yukon Territory. Various species of wildlife take shelter in some of the densest forestries the Yukon has to offer. With a fleet of vehicles for both land and water, the possibilities are endless!


Open All Year Round

 You may not get to experience everything, that's why KluaneBigKatch operates year-round especially for the winter months. The seasons never stop and neither will KluaneBigKatch, keep in contact with us and find out what more we have to offer.

Aurora Borealis Watching

Kick back and watch as the night sky lights up everything from the lake to the mountains and everything between. Be sure to bring an extra large SD card because it won't take long to reach capacity.

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Experience Our Ways

Come and experience the ways of our ancestors and get to know the land like never before. With multiple locations set around Kluane Lake, not only will you find each spot truly unique to its surroundings but you just might end up finding more about yourself.

Ice Fishing

Can't wait to get back out and do some more fishing? KluaneBigKatch offers year round tours to keep you doing what you love. We have many different options when it comes to ice fishing, stay close to home or ask us about some of outdoor accommodations to keep you on the ice. 

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